5 Ways to Make Money from an Old Vehicle


Do you have an old car that is lying idle in your garage? If yes then it is very important to know that you can make a lot of money from an old car that it sitting idle in your garage. Many people who own old cars in Tauranga usually think that old cars are useless and as a result, they usually neglect them in the garage.

To most, once a car is termed as old, then it has no economic value. However that is not always the case. Your old car that is lying idle on the garage can make you money in ways you never imagined. In this article we are going to give you tips on 5 ways to make money from an old vehicle.

1. Sell it to Tauranga car wreckers

An old car is not just unsightly but it also pose health and safety hazard. By selling your old car to Tauranga car wreckers, you will not only get a lot of cash from the sale but you will also reclaim useful place in your garage. The good thing about selling your old vehicle to Car Removal Company in Tauranga is that you get to sell it without so much hustle.

The wrecking company will come to your home to analyze the state of the car. They will then give you an irresistible offer than you cannot find anywhere else. Once you have reach an agreement, they will come with their own means of transportation to collect their old vehicle from your garage. It is indeed one of the best ways to make money from your old car because it is completely hustle free and has good returns.

2. Sell individual spare parts

If you are not comfortable selling your old car to Tauranga car wrecker, you can opt to sell individual car spare parts to interested parties. This option can be very lucrative if you own a classic car that has valuable spare parts that are very rare to find. Instead of allowing your car to wear out in the garage, take advantage of its spare parts to earn money. Go to the nearest car dealer or even advertise on local dailies about you plans to sell the spare parts and you will be surprised on the response that you will get.

Old vehicles are well known to have quality spare parts that modern vehicles. As a result, many car owners prefer replacing compatible spare parts with that from an old vehicle as opposed to buying a brand new one. This means that you can make a lot of money by selling parts of your old vehicle to interested car owners or dealers in Tauranga.

3. Transform it into a classic car

Your old car doesn’t have to sit idle in your garage. Instead you can upgrade it by transforming it to classic car. Unlike the past where people were more into new cars, nowadays most people prefer classic cars because they are unique and of high quality when compared to modern cars.

An old vehicle that has been renovated can actually last longer when compared to brand new car of today. In addition to that, they are very unique and when you drive along the street, you will attract a lot of attention. For that reason, classic cars are usually more expensive then modern cars. Therefore, if you transform your old vehicle into a classic car, you will be surprised on how much you will get when you finally sell it.

4. Sell advertising space

If you don’t mind to have you old car plastered with advertisement, you can allow businesses to use your car as a promotional tool for a certain period of time. Old cars are usually unique on their own way and many advertisers like using them because they do attract a lot of attention. Instead of allowing your car to lie idle in the garage, you can approach an interested company or business that is interested to advertise using your old vehicle.

The good thing is that you will have a say when it comes to determining how much of your car should be covered with advertisement. Doing this will ensure that you get a paycheck as result of advertising other people’s business using your old car. In addition to that, advertisement that will be placed on your car will make it more appealing as compared to it lying idle on your garage.

5. Hire or use it for transportation

If your vehicle is old but in good shape, you can decide to hire it for transportation instead of just letting it stay idle in your garage. There are many forms of transportation that you can venture into depending on the type of vehicle that to have. For instance, if you have a track, then you can venture into towing business which is very profitable. You can also rent your vehicle for hire to interested person and get to earn money from it.

A report that was released recently by an independent institution revealed that transport industry is one of the most lucrative industry in not only in Tauranga but in the entire country. Therefore by venturing into this industry, you will actually make a lot of money from your old car which you can use to do other important things.

In conclusion, if you have an old car just sitting idle in your garage, do something about it. As discussed above, there are many ways in which your old car can help you make money. All that you have to do it to identify which one among the above tips will best suit you and your old car. At car wreckers, we are committed to ensure that your old car does not go into waste by lying idle in your garage.

As a company, we have been turning old and dead vehicles into usable spare parts for a long period of time. Therefore, if you have an old car that is just sitting idle in your garage and you want to make money out of it, call us today and will be happy buy the car from you at a good price.

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